Setting up for systematic analysis.

Day 1:
Simply said there is no traffic. I am spending the hour today setting up the tools I will use for my information and building baseline templates.

The process is pretty simple I suppose. I have chosen a theme from wordpress that is fairly minimalistic and looks clean. I am filling in some basic pages to help with content since I have none yet. I am also exploring the different widgets and features available so that I can make some intelligent decisions. I am activating the display of “digg it”, “redd it” etc on the blog posts. Primarily because it can only create traffic. In addition I am adding Feedburner for the RSS. Now I specifically did not select that they track the clicks on the RSS syndication. The reason is that they then act as a middle man in the traffic flow and there is already analytics involved on this site. (I will get into that more a little bit later).

I have created a template spreadsheet for helping me track the effectiveness of different strategies and keep a list of potential strategies so that it can be properly documented. The basics of it are pretty simple. First it has an initiative name, then the start date, then the columns after that are simple Day Activities, and Results seen. These repeat. You can find an example of this on the standards page.

I am also writing out a series of potential failures etc that could drag down the traffic and should be avoided. For example, dull posts just stating the facts and repeating “I posted 10 links… here here and here”. So I am writing out a series of theories etc for what could work on building traffic.

I am finally putting together a list of golden rules that will dictate what are fair and not fair practices.

  1. I will not tell anyone I know about this content. Any readership must come from the campaigns and efforts made online in order to provide the data needed to be analyzed.
  2. I will monetize the site with simple advertising. Most of the content and blogs seem to be monetized and so doing a blog without that is a separate breed. I will use the money to grow the site 1st and foremost.
  3. I will regulate comments and communications. I feel that the ease of spam makes it a requirement and since it is an ability for everyone, just know I will delete any unrelated comments, or any comments I just don’t care to have on the site. But I will try and be as flexible as possible where I see a remote connection. Emails etc that may be exchanged WILL be posted publicly. Your email address and personal information will be removed, and links will be broken at my discretion. Sorry.

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