Everybody says the same thing about how to build traffic and generally build value in a blog. Let me summarize:

  1. Write amazing content and frequently. Stuff that everyone and their mother will want to read all the time. Oh and make sure the content stays relevant for all time.
  2. Write comments on related blogs. Make them insiteful and generally contribute in a beneficial way so that the owner will want to link back to you and so that the readers will go back to your blog.
  3. Hold competitions or some other such drivers in order to build subscribers

This is all great, but how effective is it? What are the results from campaigns? Every blog is different, but what are some metrics for comparison? This is the internet… lets be mathematical!

This is a documentary style blog. As you can see everything relates to a documentation of how I am going about building solid traffic for content. Every day I dedicate myself to spending 1 hour actively working on building traffic. I will document the approach and the results in a systematic format so that others can see what worked and what didn’t.

I share my site statistics openly for all to view.

Who am I? I am not somebody you know about. I am a person who has made a lot of money on the internet… but not in any writing or content field. I am a software architect. I would be the person to architect and oversee the development of a system like wordpress. But I honestly start this with no idea how to popularize, build readership or do anything else with blogs except monetize existing traffic effectively.

So if you find it interesting, keep reading and learn from my mistakes. If you don’t find it interesting, keep reading and burn and bash me.


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