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Using Digg and building readers

Day 4:

I have been posting some more comments around the blog world in related fields. I will be posting the analytics on that process later this week. Today, however I wanted to look at some of the data and see if we can begin to capitalize on it immediately. Specifically, the digg effects.

One of the things that I have seen already is the use of digg. While the traffic to this blog is still a joke, it has started to grow without any offline or friends etc learning about it. I submit my posts to digg immediately after posting to the site. This provides a couple nice advantages for me. First I am in the search engines surprisingly fast. Google has been showing up in a manner of hours after a post. This gives me quick access to new organic readership. But the shocking thing to me was the fact that I actually received diggs on articles, and a small influx of traffic and even a comment.

As I started to research this, it seems there are really two camps about digg and blogs. The first camp is pessimistic and really quick to discard a socially powerful tool. They basically harp on the fact that digg traffic is really fleeting and that it is nearly a complete waste of resources since they never come back to the site.

The other camp brings up the fact that these users tend to be RSS and tech active, tend to be active in digg and its “blog it” area, and tend to be looking at material in a specific area of interest

Personally, I love digg. I think it is a great way to see new features and sites online while it has been vetted through a community. I am always interested in new widgets, new coding developments, and news on the current crisis facing the world. I have created a nice clean account for this site on digg so that I wouldn’t accidentally effect my traffic stats from my friends.

Basically anyone who diggs me will get a friend request. The reason is simple, I want to build up my diggs coming from the site and try to use my updates to digg as a simple way of maintaining existing traffic. They will receive a simple notification, if they are my friend, and it will notify them of my new posts. With any luck, a percentage come back to the site on a regular basis and as my articles appeal to them, they should digg it and my presence on the site should grow and continue.

There is an annoying fact about digg. If you write for digg, you do very well. So the fact that this post is related to digg and finding stable traffic through it, means that there is a good chance I will actually get some greater traction. The danger is writing for the quick buzz over writing for the actual audience. My audience is clearly other bloggers looking to build up the traffic. So I have to make sure my posts are geared towards satisfying that need.

Specific stats from digg so far are small. 8 page views, 3 diggs and 1 comment. But given that from comments I have only seen 3 page views and 1 comment (though very involved in the discussion), it seems it may be a good way to build starter traffic. It also gives me some motivation to start adding reddit and some of the digg clones to the site to see if the same principle can be scaled across the genre of sites and made into a solid traffic building process.

A word of caution about digg. First there are very non-specific categories within digg. So it may be a good idea to actually go through and see what categories work for your individual audience. Also see what categories lead to long term readership over short term traffic spurts.


Drive Authority on the Forums

Day 3:

Well, we have started the comment roll and some small residual traffic is already coming into play. I was shocked to see a couple diggs come in pretty quickly. Up to 3 visits… amazing. (Sarcasm oozing out).

But it shows that if I could get 3 visits from literally 1 hour of work, that would not be too effective. But if I can convert one of these fine people into a daily reader, well, that is 367 page views a year depending if it is a leap year or not. All from 1 hour of effort publicizing my content. Do that every day and we haveĀ  something moving up the ratings here. But lets not get our hopes up… On to the quality content about getting traffic for the day.

However, if you take a look at the sites I commented on, there is a new topic that was brought into play, so today I am starting a second post. Forums.

Forums are simply areas where normally, experts trade advice in a single area and niche. The strategy here is to provide useful knowledge that will be the “answer” to the problem. In the signature I will just place a small link back to the site here. I will find one forum to start this effort in, and will try and grow from there. The goal here is not a surge in traffic. The goal is to get a long term stream of readers visiting the site. The post lasts forever, or atleast as long as the forum, and if you are giving an answer, they will seek additional information and could be turned into committed readers.

Craigslist postings are a topic that people discuss. I will try a bit of this later on, but for now this seems counter-productive. While a surge of traffic is possible, the truth is that the community on craigslist goes nuts on flagging anybody who has a link. But if you do participate effectively you may be able to get around this behavioral pattern.

So my goal now, and I will become an active reader, and then contributor to This seems an active forum and it seems to have good tidbits of knowledge that I can use as ideas for content right here. Always nice to have a win-win.

The real analysis will have to come into play comparing the effort required here and the results that it generates. If this were to generate a user or two a week continually then it is near priceless. But if I only see short lived trickles of traffic, that may be a sign that I am choosing the wrong topics, or that it is just not the right niche for this to work. But if you decide to give it a try, let me know some stats I can share. This is one of those things that definitely could be niche specific.