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Drive Authority on the Forums

Day 3:

Well, we have started the comment roll and some small residual traffic is already coming into play. I was shocked to see a couple diggs come in pretty quickly. Up to 3 visits… amazing. (Sarcasm oozing out).

But it shows that if I could get 3 visits from literally 1 hour of work, that would not be too effective. But if I can convert one of these fine people into a daily reader, well, that is 367 page views a year depending if it is a leap year or not. All from 1 hour of effort publicizing my content. Do that every day and we haveĀ  something moving up the ratings here. But lets not get our hopes up… On to the quality content about getting traffic for the day.

However, if you take a look at the sites I commented on, there is a new topic that was brought into play, so today I am starting a second post. Forums.

Forums are simply areas where normally, experts trade advice in a single area and niche. The strategy here is to provide useful knowledge that will be the “answer” to the problem. In the signature I will just place a small link back to the site here. I will find one forum to start this effort in, and will try and grow from there. The goal here is not a surge in traffic. The goal is to get a long term stream of readers visiting the site. The post lasts forever, or atleast as long as the forum, and if you are giving an answer, they will seek additional information and could be turned into committed readers.

Craigslist postings are a topic that people discuss. I will try a bit of this later on, but for now this seems counter-productive. While a surge of traffic is possible, the truth is that the community on craigslist goes nuts on flagging anybody who has a link. But if you do participate effectively you may be able to get around this behavioral pattern.

So my goal now, and I will become an active reader, and then contributor to This seems an active forum and it seems to have good tidbits of knowledge that I can use as ideas for content right here. Always nice to have a win-win.

The real analysis will have to come into play comparing the effort required here and the results that it generates. If this were to generate a user or two a week continually then it is near priceless. But if I only see short lived trickles of traffic, that may be a sign that I am choosing the wrong topics, or that it is just not the right niche for this to work. But if you decide to give it a try, let me know some stats I can share. This is one of those things that definitely could be niche specific.


Analyzing the Competition and Setting up for Socialization

Day 2:

Well obviously there still isn’t any traffic. That is ok. I have spent 2 hours total on the site so there is no real return yet. Besides there is only one post and content is king.

I have spent the time today looking up competitive blogs. Specifically where they talk about building traffic. I am looking for a series of different size bloggers. I want to see the return on traffic for comments depending on the different size blogs over time. The obvious advantage to large blogs is that they have a massive amount traffic. The problem I believe will be the speed in which my comments become droned out by the others doing the same thing as I am. For small blogs the potential return per day is lower because they just don’t have the traffic, but they should be a place where a couple of additional things can occur. First my comments should last quite a while. Second it may be a situation where our blogs become complimentary and we share readership. You can check out the list of sites I commented on below. Remember I will be building this list continually in order to drive up the reach. But when I start to see a pattern of success or failure in the different groups, I will be re-adjusting in order to try and maximize traffic.

Socialization is the second part of my efforts today. There is a connection with the commenting strategy as well, and I will delve a little deeper into that. Socialization is what I call the use of the systems such as digg, and the social networks. I haven’t come up with an idea on how to use the social networks such as facebook properly, but I will figure some stuff out there. For digg there is an obvious utility in having the ability to have posts dugg. Great, welcome to nothing new. But there is another thing I want to try. I am going to add to my list of sites I comment on, a couple of new posts on digg related to blogs and traffic building. I have a feeling if I can get in within the first few hours of a fair number of these posts hitting digg, I can then ride the success that they may have.

The List below is a simple first day of comments. I will report on the results tomorrow etc. With any luck some visits occur because of this action. I am using the alexa rankings (available at just to have a standard means of ranking the sites.
So without further ado (sites on which I am commenting):

Larger Blogs:

Blog Name Alexa Ranking Comment Location 3,040 site 31,489 site 122,958 site

Smaller Blogs:

Blog Name Alexa Ranking Comment Location 483,224 site

Digg (riding the coattails…. maybe)

Blog Name Alexa Ranking Comment Location Digg 5,878,601 site digg 244,477 site digg